"I envision a future where more of us will call ourselves artists and work together to make an art concerned with the primary issues of life. I envision a future where art is once again honored for its power to inspire, teach, transform and heal. I envision a future where all people dance together, where the circle is open enough for both children and grandparents." --Anna Halprin

In a time based film competition, the Genesis Film Project will invite 101 aspiring filmmakers to make a short 5-minute film on 101 NGO's in Mumbai within a limited time period of 101 hours. Filmmakers will capture the organization's mission, their achievements, difficulties, and the heart of the people who make the organization work. The shooting event would take place from January 2nd – January 6th, 2007. At the start of the event, the NGOs' will be randomly allocated to the filmmakers. Out of 101 films, 25 best films would be selected and screened in a premier multiplex on January 9th, 2007. A panel of celebrity judges would judge the best films and award prizes to the winners.

Why are we doing the Genesis Film Project?

Our goal is - through the medium of stories - strike a cord within ourselves and other filmmakers to inspire and make films that matter. It also gives us an opportunity to connect with local charities, who have dedicated their lives for the upliftment of others. And make short videos which would later be used by them to create awareness and inspiration.

We believe that the world needs such projects to inspire a greater good, hence we are funding most of this project with our own money. Donations are most welcomed.
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