"Initiative like this will ignite young minds to put themselves wholesomely in a creative pursuit adding a kaleidoscopic dimension to cinema"
- Pravesh Vishwanath,
Film History Professor
"Finally a platform for cinema that is rooted to make a difference and connect with people"
- Premal Akshay Desai,
Participating Filmmaker
"I want to be part of a network where I can reach out because no matter what accomplishments you make, somebody always helps you"
- Navin Khanna,
Participating Filmmaker
"Being media students we are determined to try our best and get a change in the society for its own benefit"
- Fahad Parack,
Participating Filmmaker
"This Journey will have no seas or mountains, rivers or valleys, there will neither be air nor ether. Its a journey from the material to the spiritual....the medium will be the film"
- Sharad Raj,
Participating Filmmaker
We believe that the world needs such projects to inspire a greater good, hence we are funding most of this project with our own money. Donations are most welcomed.
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