'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that has' --Margaret Mead


MAM is a platform to bring together the Independent Filmmakers of South Asia, by giving them opportunities to be able to create, promote and distribute their own films. The organization is based in the US and India.

• Create, develop and promote an environment that stimulates and encourages filmmakers to produce Independent films, which attempt to be the change
• Produce, Exhibit and Distribute innovative Independent South Asian films
• Build Alliances worldwide with filmmakers, film festivals and other organizations to provide visibility to the filmmakers
• Create a nationwide campaign by holding film festivals and screening

The Peacock Project’s task is to develop the Arts scene (films, music, art, photography and writing) in South Asia by giving artists an opportunity to promote their end artwork; and raise funds as well as build awareness for social causes by using the Arts as a medium to communicate to the youth. The organization is based in the US and India.

• Create, develop and promote ground-breaking artists in different mediums (films, music, art, photography, writing)
• Teach the youth to appreciate art and how to use art to communicate their thoughts and vision
• Bring about awareness through the Arts of the social issues faced by the South Asian countries
• Raise funds for social causes through the sale of different artwork


India's most-visited online resource base on social justice and sustainable development.

InfoChange News & Features (www.infochangeindia.org) is a four-year-old online resource base that provides news, views, perspectives and debates on crucial issues of sustainable development and social justice in India and South Asia . It brings into sharp focus agents and avenues of change.

The website aims to inform readers on issues that are increasingly being pushed into the margins by the mainstream media. It seeks to enable readers to marshal facts, opinions and perspectives on rights and development issues, so that they can participate in drawing up an agenda for a more equitable and sustainable world.

www.infochangeindia.org is one of India's most-visited online resource bases on rights and development issues. We currently log an average of 1,000 visitors every day. Our content is linked and reprinted by several print journals and newspapers and by research institutions and development portals worldwide.

InfoChange News & Features is managed by the Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS), a social change resource centre focusing on the research and communication of information for change.

The core competence of the Centre for Communication and Development Studies is the strategic and innovative use of communication to inform, initiate and inspire change in societal attitudes and public policy. Our activities are designed to strengthen civil society by promoting a deeper understanding of issues related to sustainable development, justice, equity and rights. CCDS empowers activists, students, researchers, development analysts, policymakers and concerned citizens by giving them pertinent, timely and useful information on development and rights issues.

We believe that the world needs such projects to inspire a greater good, hence we are funding most of this project with our own money. Donations are most welcomed.
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