From a computer engineer who distributes footwear to needy to a grandfather who gives food to ants, I am the change film project celebrates stories of everyday heroes who through their selfless service reflect hope, love and compassion. Filmmakers, ametuers , students and everyone is invited to capture these stories through camera in just 101 hours. Participants can choose to make a film on an everyday hero, a NGO or a pertaining social cause. In last two years more than 500 filmmakers have participated and made a difference. A two day annual film festival will showcase all these films as well as shared with various international festivals, institutions and organizations.

We have evolved from being a competition to sharing, from a project to a process and through this change we believe transformation is inevitable.


     The shooting event would take place on 1st - 5th of every month.

     At the start of the event, on 8 am on 1st, Filmmakers will receive an email with complete information about the Changemaker they have to make a film on.

     Filmmakers will then have the next 101 hours (i.e. uptill 1 pm on 5th) to finish the film and upload it on Metta Media.

     A Final Copy of the Film will also have to be submitted on a Mini Dv/ DVD Format with subtitles not later than 2 weeks after 5th.

     All the finished films will be freely open sourced and shared with various international film festivals, colleges and organizations.

     Selected films will be shown in the Annual 'I am the change film festival'